Conservatism – Amalgamate for the new and the old

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On Thursday, 19.11.2020, in the Civil Society Resource Center in Shtip the Sarissa Institute held a debate titled: The policy and values ​​of conservatism, Conservatism – Amalgamate for the new and the old. This was the first part of the so called “Conservative Caravan”, which will continue to hold similar events in other cities. During the Debate different perspectives were presented on what does it mean to be a Macedonian or British or American conservative, conservative views on running a government and state institutions, explanations on what does it mean to be grateful and what is gratitude, and what is a modern conservative. The performance was moderated by the director of the Sarissa Institute, Sasho Markovski, who also presented the Institute and its action plan and spoke about the “Conservative force that appears in our society”. Tamara Mitkovska, the leader of the Young Conservatives Club spoke on the topic “The future of conservatism lies with the young people”, Sasho Petkovski, who spoke about “Modern Conservatism and its implementation in society”, as well as, Jason Miko who portrayed the “Framework for conservative thinking”.

The Sarissa Institute continues with the organization of the Conservative Caravan, which will visit Gostivar next month.

You can watch the debate in its entirety at the following link:

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