Conservative thoughts or why conservatism?

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Aleksandar Nacev

Today’s phenomena of globalization and democratization of societies, or the efforts for additional democratization and “remodeling” of societies, leads towards a drastic change of established norms and universal values. Every day we are seeing actions to redefine values, no matter whether they are moral or traditional values, and there are efforts to promote new, “modern” and decadent values, which are introduced as normal and avant-garde. In many societies, that moral decline leads towards the destruction of values that were essential in the forming of the society and forming the group identity of a certain nation and state. Traditional hierarchies are vanishing, the roots are lost, the historical heritage is ignored or is shown like old fashioned, national pride is diminishing, national identity is fading and apathy and ignorance are rising. This situation is detrimental and brings a sense of unrest, but also a motivation to act with the purpose to change something. Maybe conservatism is the exact answer and the right “antidote” for the moral decadence and the whole societal decline that we see in front of us.

Conservatism is much more than a party ideology or party platform. It is a way on seeing the world, the society, the fatherland, but also a way of behaving and uncompromising action. Conservatism promotes the value of nation, tradition, religion, moral purity and identity (both individual and collective). It promotes the care for the family as the basic societal cell, cares about culture that promotes positive values, it promotes healthy and motivated youth, brings forward the individual liberty, supports a strong national defense, fights against poverty and the humiliation of others and puts forward historical remembrance, customs and national pride.

            The widely accepted narrative that conservatism is something old fashioned and unnecessary and that no one can stand on the way of the changes that are happening in the world (this is a narrative most often used by liberals and leftists) is totally wrong and superficial. No one can stand on the way of the changes happening in the world, let alone a small country like the Republic of Macedonia. So, the question is, why do we need conservatives and conservatism in the Republic of Macedonia?

            The answer is very simple and logical. Conservatism fights and works to save what is valuable and already proven successful, but that doesn’t mean that it is against any change whatsoever. On the contrary, conservatism offers a careful approach towards the changes, studying these changes and preparing the society for those changes, which means looking for a way how the society will best adapt to a certain change. This is a logical process, because the bigger the change, the bigger the impact on the citizens and the society. That is why it is essential to be vigilant, careful and precise in that process.

            The latest developments in the Macedonian society and the number of hurried and not enough considered processes and changes show that the time for the conservatism has arrived. It is the right time to stop certain processes, to start some other ones and to stay firmly on what is ours.

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