Italian conservatives are gaining strength

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Sasho Petkovski

As a result of the harmful left-wing rule in the European Union and their false propaganda, the number of conservatives is increasing. Day by day in different parts of Europe, Northern, Southern, Eastern and Western, people are becoming more aware. Just like when something unnatural occurs in nature, it will not thrive but will be unsuccessful. It is happening today in Europe; natural and moral society is recovering from the corruption that the leftists have been spreading for years.

Modern conservatives are fighting to get us back on track. True social values ​​must prevail. We are all obliged to provide a better future for our descendants and to enable them to live in a better and free society.

Today the people of Italy are becoming aware. Until a few years ago, leftists were hugely popular, but Italians have now seen that the Left’s promises as mere propaganda to change the moral world. They failed to improve quality of life, they poisoned the youth and distracted them from what matters most: family, spirituality and tradition. But as we have said, every unnatural thing has a shelf life and in the end is swallowed up by the laws of nature.

The latest popularity polls in Italy show that people want to remove leftists from the political scene. Conservative parties are enjoying immense popularity among the electorate. Unlike most countries, conservatives in Italy are united. As such, they will be invincible and will be able to get Italy back on its feet.

The largest conservative party is Matteo Salvini’s League (Lega). They, along with other conservatives, won the last parliamentary elections and were forced to form a government with the 5-Star movement. Mateo was elected interior minister even as ships with illegal immigrants landed on the Italian mainland. He was strong warrior against illegal immigration. Eventually, the Left managed to disband his government and along with the 5-Star Movement they formed a new government that began to fill Italy with criminals.

Salvini’s “League”, although in opposition, enjoyed even greater popularity. The new left-wing government did not last long and soon collapsed. Mario Draghi was elected as an independent prime minister where he brought the League in as part of that technical and apolitical government.

The second largest conservative party in Italy is the Brothers of Italy (Fratelli d’Italia). Although second, its popularity is growing rapidly and could well become more popular than Lega. Its leader is Georgia Meloni, who emerged on the political scene as part of Silvio Berlusconi’s “Forza Italia”. Her party has been able to further distinguish themselves as it did not join Draghi’s government. They preferred to remain in opposition to fight for their beliefs and were the biggest critics of left-wing propaganda. Support for them is growing day by day, especially among the young.

The third party is Silvio Berlusconi’s Forza Italia. Its popularity has declined but it has a stable electorate base. Its voters are mostly drawn from the older population of Italy. This party is a pioneer of the modern Italian conservative outlook and is the party from which many young conservatives emerged.

The last and fourth party of this centre-right bloc is the new “Courage Italy” (Coraggio Italia). It is a very new party founded only last month, by uniting Giovanni Totti’s “Cambiamo” (Let’s Change), Gaetano Quagliariello’s “Identity and Action” and the independent Luigi Brugnaro, who is mayor of Venice. It is interesting to note that many MPs from the 5-star Movement have joined this party.

According to the latest polls, 21 per cent of Italians would vote for the Salvini’s League, 20 per cent would vote for Meloni’s Brothers of Italy, 7 per cent would vote for Berlusconi’s Forward Italy, and 2 per cent would vote for the new Courage Italy. That is half of all voters voting for conservative parties. Currently, the next parliamentary elections will be held in 2023, but it is possible that there will be early elections in 2022, during which the conservatives will likely inflict a substantial defeat on the Left and false liberals.

This is just part of the trend that is spreading across Europe, especially in Southern and Central Italy. Italy and its rich history is a classic example of European identity that we must preserve and fight for. Tradition and faith are basic principles that will restore morality and restore the glory of Europe as a global cultural leader.

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