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Sasho Petkovski

The real feminism is subtle, not tacky. Feminism should be self-respect of the woman. A teaching that will elevate and perfect her as a person and will portray her as an example, without her asking for it forcefully. A woman should be educated and should know her values. She should strive for success in society because her place is well deserved there, even from the beginning. Men and women are on an equal intellectual level and as such, should collaborate for a better tomorrow for future generations.

A strong woman is built with strong confidence. She should outcast the negative and stereotypical opinion of the average men, even those of the average women. Other peoples’ opinion will not make any of us a better person; WE are the only ones who can do that.

The first step to building self-confidence is freedom. A woman must be free and think freely. She should not be materially and emotionally dependent from men. We have witnessed many women who are stuck in toxic relationships because of emotional habits with the partner, and even more frequently because of material – financial reasons. Besides pillar of freedom is also independence and a woman solely as an independent being can consciously decide with whom she will fulfill her happiness.

All this requires determination. It is necessary that a woman knows exactly what she want in her life. Of course, it is not easy and no one can recognize it overnight. Hence, through parental education from an early age and then through general education, as well as through self-education especially in this age of information it is possible to obtain an image of how a person can shape a nearly perfect image of her future. A person, who knows what they want and is determined to achieve it, cannot be stopped. Year are needed to achieve this, however every woman at a certain time can learn who she is, what makes her happy and what she need to do further in her life to be fulfilled.

A real woman is aware that there is no such thing as a “guy’s job” or a “woman’s job”. Everyone should do the job they identify with and the job they are good at. Many women tend to brag that they know how to do a “man’s job” or that they are good at the performance of “male” functions. All that is wrong! A woman who has self-confidence should not do that because she knows that she is not a low class being who somehow managed to learned something that men do. The easiest and most beautiful way for a woman to impress someone is through her intelligence. We will never obtain respect with physical and material impressions. In this manner, a woman can shape an image that she is only a material good and aside from her material use she would not receive any respect, instead only a fake image while the need lasts.

Women are not slaves who must do the housework. As I stated before, there are no “men/women job” and a woman has to be aware of this. This was in the future she would have equally distributed duties with her husband, depending from the time and place; and so they would be equal participant in the creating of their marriage and happiness.

Although a person, after all the listed points, can perfect oneself into a self-conscious and strong woman, she can also help in the perfecting of men as complete persons who respect women. All this can be accomplished as a mother and as a parent who if blessed with a son, can educate him into a future man, a real man who will know the true values of a woman and a person who will not see women as slaves, sex objects, or as a humble being contrary to men.

The woman who knows what she wants, the one that is happy and fulfilled, the one who has real life values and leaves good impressions in society, that woman is the real feminism. That is the real feminism that will gain respect from everyone, both men and women and will be an example for future generations. That woman will never end up with a men who will not love her or see her without any respect, instead a man who will make her happy and see her as a part of him. That is the feminism that needs to be taught and which is productive and prosperous, and not the one that is toxic, bad, unproductive, unprosperous, full of hate and is indifferent to the toxic masculinity.

The toxic feminism consist of hatred towards men. This is a teaching that has a purpose for women to hate men, by use of examples from primitive men who barely represent the true face of a normal human being. The toxic feminism teaches that a woman should both not have a partner because she is too precious for anyone, or that she should have countless partners and not bind to just one. One of the many examples is Sophie Lewis who strongly advocates the dysfunction of the family as an institution. She has published a book, Family Abolition. All this is wrong, just as it would be wrong for a man to follow the same principles. This toxic philosophy aims for women not to have children, leads to women favor their careers only and that this is the only way for them to succeed in life.

Wrong values that will not make a woman happy, because a career and the meaning of money will eventually come to an end. There is a point where this will not fulfill us and the meaning will be lost. Then we will be alone, irrelevant for anyone. Every woman, as a shaped person knows that it is possible to have a career and also to have the most precious gift – a child. All this is possible with the support of the partner, a partner who has understanding for his wife or partner.

We see countless examples of s-called feminist’s organizations express public disrespect or mocking of religion, as if that is what is responsible for their life failures. The most recent recollection of such an example is the incursions of feminists into churches throughout Poland. They entered the churches in the middle of Mass, screaming at everyone present, shouting abusive words, drawing swastikas on the walls and writing perverted words. We see women, who due to their insufficient knowledge have entered into toxic relationships with primitive men and then due to this dissatisfaction, they hate everyone else. This philosophy teaches a woman that her body should be used to succeed in career and that she should be an unemotional being as much as possible.

All these negative traits are caused by the complex formed by ignorance and insufficient knowledge. Hence, education is the most basic example and a board to leap for a woman to succeed in society as well as crucial for her respect. The man is the one who should unreservedly respect and support women and society itself to appreciate theirs efforts as equal, just as woman and man are equal.

Although man and woman are equal beings, they are still separate. That does not mean that any of them is better and more perfect. Neither the man is superior to the woman nor the other way around. They have their own specific energy. What a woman can give to a man, no one else can, and what a man can give to the woman can be replaced either.

Different, but equal, together they represent the form of one and perfect human being.

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