Modern crucifixion

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Sasho Petkovski

We live in a modern society where freedom of speech is one of the basics for prosperity. But does it truly exist? Or does it exist only to fulfill certain goals that contribute toward the realization of a certain society, as someone has imagined it. Secularity, which is most represented in the west, and that actually means the separation of religion through the governance of a state, instead of achieving this, it has grown into an antireligious trait. Religion exists since the beginning of humanity and as of today there is no civilization that has not practiced it. So, what is the reason that today religion is rejected and suffers major propaganda where it is portrayed even as a fanatic tool, which instructs a person to be unsuccessful? The most affected religion is Christianity. We witness how Christians are vilified through various channels, especially through movies and music. The sacred words “God” and “Jesus” are used in the dirtiest actions so that on a subconscious level they become engraved and an everyday practice for humans. Distasteful jokes on account of religion are becoming more and more popular.

In many movies nuns of monasteries are portrayed as labile promiscuous persons who are thirsty for immoral, whereas the priests are portrayed as homosexuals and pedophiles. What is the point of such propaganda aside from distracting youth so that they perceive religion as something perverted and faithlessly accepts the immoral traits and material satisfactions, which are implied as true pleasures. There isn’t a human who does not have faith. But, if there is no faith in God, then there is faith in the material, and material faith is not real as it is only temporary, it is not eternal and in the long run it does not make people happy.  It is just an illusion that distracts us from real and true values. Money and all that can be bought with money don’t make people wise, nor sincere, they don’t make people honest nor humble towards others and ready to help. Faith is what teaches us of those traits, traits that make are better people. Every person is born as an unshaped stone, ready to be shaped. No one is born shaped, and the process of being shaped, i.e. the shaping of oneself as a better person, a person who will contribute toward a better future, is called prosperity. This is the true prosperity, not the one that is spread by present day semi-liberal leftist, where in their society there is no place for anyone else who does not fit to their liking.

Another tool used against Christianity is the dark past of the church as an institution, which, through infiltrated sects led by the material and not the spiritual, committed terror to civilizations, committed Christian jihads and established banking systems, things that are strictly forbidden according to Christian beliefs. At the same time, all those things are practiced by fascist liberals and leftists in their daily routines, and we are all witnesses to this. All who have estranged themselves from faith have become slaves and thereby are easily manipulated by oligarchs who pretend to be Gods from whom people are dependent from and that without their money people will disappear, so from fear people blindly trust them and are ready for anything their material masters prepare for them.

Material goods will not make anyone eternal, instead the good deeds, wisdom and teachings that have made, are making and will continue to make positive impact in future generations will. These are the good people that will live forever and will be narrated through generations. As every cycle throughout civilization, so will this immoral leave the face of the earth, just like Sodom and Gomorrah. To be religious is not against prosperity, on the contrary, it is prosperous and the faith that teaches us moral makes us happy as much as it makes everyone around us happy, of course aside from those who reject this because they are preoccupied with the negative values. All goodness is our tradition that needs to be nurtured through generations. Family, as an institution, is the strongest form of nurturing values. Every one of us has a period in their life where they are faced with decreased energy and that is where the importance of family is seen because family is what fills our void. We are not only happy when we fulfill in our own accomplishments, but also for the accomplishments of our family members. When we are alone it is only a matter of time when nothing will fulfill us and no one will take care of us, and as a result we would experience a spiritual collapse and there is not a single material treasure that will save us from it.

The imaginary fake liberal society wants to create soulless and faithless people with no affiliation and no moral values, people who do not respect their family and tend to self-destruct. Such soulless slaves of the material are an easy prey, but we should not hate nor reject them. We should offer our hand and show them the prosperity, which will make them better people, and for that it is ever too late. On the other hand, people who have strong faith, as we have seen throughout history, they will never succumb to such manipulation, deceit, or distraction from reality. They will never agree with nor fit into the vision of society that focuses on violent methods and by denigrating anyone who does not share the same opinion. Christians are pursued because they are the strongest resistance and metaphorically speaking the fake liberals want to crucify people with moral values just as Jesus was crucified. Those evil methods will only breed evil, a non-prosperous society, and evil begets evil.  The leftist know that and they create chaos just so they can come and present themselves as the rescuers. So, it is our responsibility to spread goodness, to help each other, pass on the knowledge of moral and conservative values because we have faith that the world has place for everyone, no matter their opinion, religion, nationality or skin color, as long as we respect the differences, spread love and don’t pose threats.

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