The fall of the fake liberal left

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As history has taught us, the leftist movement worldwide hasn’t brought anyone any good.

Sasho Petkovski

It is well known how all the countries that were leaders or followers of that system have ended. They simply faced an economic and social collapse in both aspect and character. After World War II society was fed up with the cancerous methodologies such as Nazism, Racism, and other such derogative characteristics and gradually started rejecting them.

The European leftists took an opportunity of this situation and led into an invisible war against traditional society, aiming to destroy the identity and security  of individuals in order to form a modern slave who is seemingly free.

Assisted through various media influences they tried to create confusion where the conservative society is presented as one of the main culprits of the bad traits and consequences. Comparing them with the radical right-wing they created fear within the neutral population, emphasizing that any person that is conservative is harmful for the freedom of the people as well as the progress of its society. Through strong media impact they manage to deteriorate the words: “Family”, “Religion”, and “Tradition”; one of the main pillars based on which conservatism is based. People began providing their support massively to those liberal movements, while subconsciously rejecting the real values of the society.  

Reaching the zenith of its function, the leftist movement begins its downfall. Followed by economic crisis and stamping on those who do not share the same opinion. People no longer trust the system which wants to turn them into slaves without identity, lost and easy to manipulate.  The western world once again, slowly but steadily is returning to the true values. This was shown in the last three election cycles across Europe, especially in France, Spain, Italy and even in the grand leftist bastion – Sweden, where the modern right-wing party portrays significant growth. The leftists, hidden behind the fake mask of liberalism, are doing everything in its power to trash those who do not share the same opinion as theirs. In fact, they use Nazi methods to decapitate all who do not agree with their idea of how a society should function.

Modern day right-wingers are open-minded people who advocate for a modern democratic society with real moral values. People who strive to protect family, religion and identity, casting aside all radical and chauvinistic structures through real and honest democracy, a democracy that appreciates freedom of speech and respects the differences between people; unlike the leftist structures with their fascist influence.

A person without spiritual freedom, without family, tradition and identity is nothing more than a heartless slave.

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