The King of the West

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Sasho Petkovski

An important day is closing by. November 3rd. The day the presidential elections will be held in the United States of America. The power will be weighed by the grand Donald Trump and his opponent Joe Biden. The fight between them is already fierce, we saw that in the last debate but we also saw it through their ad campaigns since the very beginning.

At the moment Biden has a slight advantage according to the analysis conducted in the United States, which means the race will be tight. If we take into consideration that at the previous presidential elections Hillary Clinton had a much higher advantage than that of Biden’s, yet Trump managed to defeat her and send her off as the defeated righteously deserve. Such wrong analysis, as those from the previous elections, imply that in the USA there is a highly developed  leftist network  which spreads false news, news which try to discredit republicans and their conservative supporters  in every possible way. That is why it is expected that, aside from Biden’s slight advantage, Trump will manage to take this victory in his hands much more triumphantly that in previous elections.

It has been four years since the reign of Trump. At the beginning, numerous Americans succumbed to fake leftist propaganda and thought that their lives will fail with Trumps presiding. He was accused of being a racist, a pedophile, a maniac. That he would forbid entry of migrants, that he would banish all minorities within the United States. But, did that really happen? Is that true? Of course not! Not even close. Trump was never a racist, and on the contrary, he publicly disclosed one of the largest pedophile networks and brought forward the Epstein case. Aside from several illegal migrants, no other minority group or person was banished, as the leftists propagated in order to scare people. In a word, no one was damaged, contrary to the predictions.

Does Trump deserve four more years? Surely, the answer is “yes”. Success within the African-Americans is greater than ever, numerous work places have been opened, a great portion of production has returned to the United States, unemployment has decreased drastically, American economy shows great increase and as a result, the common American faces great benefit from all these achievements.  Unlike the Nobel Prize winner who took numerous innocent lives with numerous wars worldwide, Trump prevented it. This man saved numerous lives from the American army as well as innocent lives, which were collateral damage for various invasions. Trump improved the police in the United States as never before and promised in his next mandate he would invest himself even more; whereas Biden announced that should he win, he would decrease the police budget. In his opinion, the police should be decreased despite the countless attack of leftist chords such as ANTIFA and other across American streets. Americans do not deserve that! Americans deserve safety, security, stability and prosperity. Biden publicly stated that ANTIFA, which is a terrorist organization, is an idea. An idea for which I am sure to many Americans it is a horror story. We saw how they burn, destroy, rob, and beat, how they behave – as intruders on other people’s private property. Imagine what it would be like if someone who supports all this would be in power.

The radical leftist for many years now has tried to denigrate Christopher Columbus , the man who opened a new chapter in history, imagine they want to delete this history, and we all know that humanity without history is lost and then easily manipulated and controlled. Biden, as the main opponent, says he will improve America. All right. But he has been involved in the American politics for over 40 years now and as of today he has not managed to improve anything…maybe he doesn’t intent to, unlike Trump who achieved a lot more in his 47 months involvement. The leftists want to expand the Supreme Court so they can take in a greater number of their judges in case they win these elections. This way they will be able to implement their agendas more easily. When Biden was asked if he plans such a thing, he proudly answered that the voters have no right to such information. The same situation occurred in the debate between Deputies Kamala Harris and Mike Pence where after the question asked by Mike Pence, Harris refused to answer. To Pence this was unacceptable so he asked the question several more times in order to obtain a direct answer, but unfortunately he did not succeed. He said that evading answers is not what the American voters deserve and that the voters have a full right to know.  The recently nominated Supreme Judge, Amy Coney Barrett, was criticized for being the wrong nominee simply because she is a Catholic. Imagine, do people who perceive you according your believes deserve to win? They want to destroy the faith in you, imposing that if you are a believer you cannot prosper in their society. Joe Biden wants to abolish the Second Amendment guaranteed in the constitution of the United States of America. The Second Amendment is the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, arms with which you can protect your own property. Imagine how would you deal with armed hordes that want to rob you in your own home, should that happen?

Let us summarize what the leftists, under the false name “democrats” strive to achieve. They want to disarm you so you cannot protect your home, they want to corrupt the Court and make decisions in a totalitarian way, they want to downsize police so there is minimum capacity to protect you, they want to destroy the economy, reduce jobs, relocate factories outside America, change history, to crеate wild leftist hordes to reckon with all opponents, and they want to separate Americans by forcing racism and hatred on a high level. Which American would want this?

 Regardless if you are a conservative or democrat, Trump means a better future for America. America is a place for everyone, regardless of your skin color, religion, regardless if you are a man or woman. We are all humans; we all have the right to live and the right to have our own opinion, and President Donald Trump makes that possible. Contrary to that, the radical leftists want to wipe you out in every possible way, to slander and condemn you for not fitting into their society. We are all equal and we all deserve to exist without endangering our lives and future.

 If I am asked who should win in the forthcoming elections, I would say it should definitely be Mr. Donald Trump. America deserves a bright future and peace, and hence it will be the best country in the world. At the end of the day, God bless America.

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